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Sea-Wars 1.01
StrategyApr 7, 2009
Players: 1Completed
Free to play online, offline version commercial, sources available Cost: 0
Alain Becamabecam

Manage your fleet, use your radar and sonar to find the enemy, protect your bases in this modern battleship game, with real-time fights, seeking torpedoes and missiles, and a lot of explosions!

Sea Wars is a RTS mixed with a naval game. You cannot see the enemies until you detect them, and they cannot see you until they detect you. Will you use your active sonar, and give away your position, but detect whatever lies in front of you? Will you ask your units to fight at will, or will you command them when needed? You might not manage everything at first, but the possibilities are almost endless, and your actions definitively make a difference.

Screenshots: Shot #1 | Shot #2 | Shot #3

Operating System: Windows, Macintosh, Linux, UNIX
Way of Play: Applet
Requirements: Pentium 4 or better


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