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ApoSliding 0.2
Puzzle & CasualJul 30, 2009
Players: 1Beta
Free Cost: 0

- more levels included (now 39)
- added a menu
- added a tutorial

ApoSliding is a sliding puzzle logic game =)
The main character is caught in the puzzle. You can slide your tile when the neighbour tile is free. You can climb up the ladder the reach a higher or lower position. You can beam yourself with the beamer to another position. You can swap two tiles with the right machine. You can call the bus at the bus station etc.
Sounds crazy? It is Cheesy

What is missing? An editor, more levels =) That will follow next weeks =)
The game is in an early beta version. It would be very nice when you can test it and report bugs or comments what you like or dislike.

Screenshots: Shot #1

Operating System: Windows, Macintosh, Linux, UNIX
Way of Play: Applet, Download


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