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ApoCommando 1.01
Arcade & RetroOct 13, 2010
Players: 1Completed
Free Cost: 0

The game is ready!

- 12 special designed fun/hard levels are waiting and infinite random levels
- more than 30 achievements
- many hidden functions
- 4 different difficulties
etc. =)

An mixture of platforming and keyboard command-controlled gaming, ApoCommando is a retro arcade-style game where you control a little guy who must make it to the flag at the end of each level. In order to make it there, you'll have to jump, highjump, duck, and switch directions, all while the little guy moves forward on his own. The catch? Instead of tapping keys to command the game, you must actually type "jump", "high", "flip" etc. to interact with the game.

Screenshots: Shot #1 | Shot #2

Operating System: Windows, Macintosh, Linux, UNIX
Way of Play: Applet, Download


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